A Sinaite’s Liturgy in Celebration of Motherhood – 2nd Sabbath in May


Image from www.chagim.org.i

Image from www.chagim.org.i


in the meaningful family tradition of Your chosen people,

the matriarch of the family kindles the Sabbath lights and recites the blessing:


Blessed art Thou,


our God, 

King of the Universe,

Who hast sanctified us by Thy commandments 

and hast commanded us to “kindle  the Sabbath-Lights.”


As children of all ages celebrate Motherhood, 

We reflect on the special role of woman

to the assigned function of childbearing: 

You designed the propagation of the human race

through the re-creation of new life

to include the participation of both male and female,

but granting woman–

 the unique privilege of hosting an embryo,

designing her to be the suitable vessel 

to carry and nurture a developing life to full maturity.


On ‘birthing’ day

 when the unborn is ready to leave the dark security of the womb,  

to finally see the light of day,

Mother continues to nurture her child with selfless dedication,

until it is time to release and entrust this beloved part of her ‘self’

 to the teaching of Your TORAH, Your guidance for life.,

divinely assigned to father.

Just as Your Words through Isaiah speak of Israel Your Firstborn,

a mother could say to each child that she births, 


15 Can a woman

forget her suckling child,

that she should not have compassion

on the son of her womb

yea, they may forget,

yet will I not forget thee.


Bless all Mothers, O GIVER and SOURCE of LIFE,

for their special place in the lives of children,

for providing never-ending unconditional love to them.

May children young and old,  see in Mothers 

that very IMAGE of You, a loving GOD Who cares

that each child fulfills the purpose for which he was created:

to know You first and foremost

yet freely choose his destiny,

with You or without You in it.

It is our prayer that our children will choose ‘Life’,  

YOUR LIFE,  for in doing so,  

their destiny is rightly directed and ultimately blessed,

and that brings great comfort to a mother’s heart.


It is our prayer that, while fathers are assigned

the primary responsibility of teaching Your WAY of Life, 

to our children and our children’s children,

that mothers will step in, if and only when—

fathers fail to dispense their duty and responsibility

that You have clearly commanded in the SHEMA,

initially to Israel, though intended for all humanity:


Hear, Israel, [O Nations],

YHWH our God, the LORD is one.

And you shall love YHWH your God

with all your heart

and with all your being

and with all your might.  

And these words that I charge you  today

will be upon your heart.  

And you shall rehearse them to your sons

and speak of them

when you sit in your house

and when you go on the way

and when you lie down

and when you rise.  

And you shall bind them

as a sign on your hand

and they shall be as circlets

between your eyes.  

And you shall write them

on the doorposts of your house

and in your gates.

[Deuteronomy 6:4-9]



Image from www.treatmetoafeast.com

Image from www.treatmetoafeast.com

Proverbs 31:28-31


Her children have risen and praised her;

her husband and he extolled her:

“Many women have amassed achievement,

but you surpassed them all.”

Grace is false, and beauty vain;

a woman who fears YHWH, 

she should be praised.

Give her the fruits of her hands;

and let her be praised in the gates

by her very own deeds. 



Image from Berean Ministries

Image from Berean Ministries

 Original Tune:  ‘O Mighty Cross’

[Revised Lyrics]

1.  Oh Lord of Life, Who knew my name

before I came to know Your Name,

Your very breath gives me my soul,

my very being, spirit, mind and heart, my all.


2.  Oh God of Truth, how could we know

the way through life, the way to You,

Your guiding Light, your Words of life,

have led me through the path, the only path to You.


3.  O loving God of humankind,

teach us Your Way, show us Your Mind,

Torah says all we need to know,

there is no other Source of Truth, it is just so.


4.  Immortal God, Who was and is,

from now through all eternity,

You are the First, You are the Last,

no other God is there on earth or heaven above.






Image from www.sirc.org

Image from www.sirc.org


You perfectly designed the world we live in

to sustain all life—

with sunshine and air,

water and a variety of  nourishment

and provisions for every need, 

to sustain plant, animal and human life.


We bless You for blessing us 

with fruit from the vine

and food from Your bountiful nature,

 ‘manna’ that nourish body, mind and spirit.


 In Your Tabernacle in the wilderness, 

You consistently stressed two items together:

 the Ark of the Covenant 

which contained Your revelation on two tablets of stone, 

and the table of shewbread 

which was replaced every Sabbath.

How could we miss the connection:  

that as we delight in nourishing our physical life, 

we nurture our spiritual life by ‘feeding’ on Your Torah, 

both, a joy and delight not only on Sabbath, 

but as often as we desire food for body and soul.


We celebrate motherhood, 

and ask for blessings upon all women  

who deliver Your gift of life to each of their children.

May they be rewarded in the desires of the heart,

that their children no matter how old, 

will find joy from the Source of all joy, 

YOU,  O YHWH, our Lord and our God,

their Creator the Source of all life.


Image from www.accessgenealogy.com

Image from www.accessgenealogy.com

We ask for blessings upon our family:


[name them] fathers, mothers,  

sons and daughters, their spouses, 

grandchildren, extended kin.


We thank You for the blessing of lives 

that are not only well-lived but rightly-lived,

because of a special connection with You,

Who determines length of life 

and gives meaning to our being born,

to our being,  to our existence, 

and even to the ending of our lifetime.


May none of us waste precious time,

 for every second and every minute is forever gone,

 and none of us know the length of life 

You have allotted each of us on this earth.


For the precious gift of TIME, O YHWH,  we are grateful,

and we are thankful for the time we have spent

with the woman who gave birth to us, (name your mother).

We are just as thankful for surrogate mothers (name them),

and grandmothers (name them),

and all mothers among our friends and acquaintances, 

and single mothers, by choice or circumstance,

We ask for blessings upon  ‘mother figures’ among men,

whether single or married, who have undertaken a ‘mothering role’

to children who are not their own,

to their siblings, extended kin, orphans.

 As we celebrate motherhood,  we say —-

Mabuhay, to Life, L’chaim!




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Image from www.jewishsxm.com


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Shabbat shalom

in behalf of Sinai 6000 core community

based in Baguio City, Philippines,



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