A Sinaite’s Musical Liturgy – 1st Sabbath of April

[We are grateful to God-inspired and gifted composers of Christian hymns for their music that we proudly use for our “musical liturgy”;  the lyrics have been revised to reflect the Sinaite’s credo.—Admin1.]



Image from messianicpublications.com

Image from messianicpublications.com



Blessed are You,


KING of the universe,

Who commanded us

to set apart a day of rest,

a day You created

for the blessing of all

who would obey

Your 4th commandment.  

Blessed are You,


LORD of the Sabbath.






[Original Music:   “Alleluia, Sing to Jesus”;

revised lyrics]

1. Let us kindle the Sabbath lights,

let their glow flow through our vision and sight.

Like the gleam from the Light of Torah 

which reaches deep in heart and in mind.

CHO: When the darkness fades in the distance 

as brightness follows to fill up its space,

Shadow and dimness that darken the heart and mind of man 

brighten up when His Word is heard.


2. Let us kindle the Light of Torah,

that ‘Tree of Life’ that nurtures our soul;

fill our minds, be enlightened daily 

by Words of LIFE that make us whole.

CHO:  ‘Hear” and “Heed’ are not just for Israel,

these are words for all Gentiles as well,

Blessings for those who obediently live the Torah life,

through life’s conflicts and through all strife.


3.  Let us kindle the love for others, 

enough to lead them toward the LIGHT:

light of Israel, light of Torah,

two lamps that lead the way to HIS LIGHT;

CHO:  Primal BRIGHTNESS was there 

before any sun, moon, stars ever lit up His sky, 

“Let there be light” for all seasons and signs to view at night,

how can anyone miss that sight!


4.  Let us worship the LORD of Sabbath, 

CREATOR,  GOD Who first led the Way:

Six day-workweek deserves a rest on the seventh day,

the true Sabbath day!

CHO:  Sabbath lights in our hearth and home

warm our hearts for knowing that ‘God’s Way is Best’;

May His Words linger for guidance each day and everyday, 

through the week till next Sabbath’s Rest.



Psalms 115


1  Not for our sake, YHWH, not for our sake,

but for Your Name’s sake give glory,

for Your kindness and for Your truth! 

2  Why should the nations say,

“Where now is their God?”  

3  Our God  is in the heavens,

whatever He pleases, He does!

4  Their gods are silver and gold,

the handiwork of man.

5  They have a mouth, but cannot speak;

they have eyes, but cannot see;

6  they have ears, but cannot hear;

they have a nose, but cannot smell.

7  Their hands—they cannot feel;

their feet–they cannot walk;

they cannot utter a sound from their throat.

8  Those who make them should become like them,

whoever trusts in them!

9  O Israel, trust in YHWH;

their help and their shield is He!

10  House of Aaron,

trust in YHWH; their help and their shield is He!

11  You who fear YHWH,

trust in YHWH; their help and their shield is He!

12  YHWH Who has remembered us will bless:  

He will bless the House of Israel,

He will bless the House of Aaron.

13  He will bless those who fear YHWH,

the small as well as the great.

14  May YHWH increase upon you,

upon you and upon your children!

15  You are blessed of YHWH,

Maker of heaven and earth.

16  As for the heavens, the heavens are YHWH’s,

but the earth, He has given to mankind.

17  Neither the dead can praise God,

nor any who descend into silence,

18  but we will bless God from this time and forever.




[Original Tune:  Beneath the Cross of Jesus/Revised Lyrics]

Image from Guide to the Pilgrims Progress|Christians return to the Way

Image from Guide to the Pilgrims Progress|Christians return to the Way

1.  Beneath that sacred mountain I virtually take my stand;

the shadow of a mighty Rock within a weary land;

a home within the wilderness, a rest upon the way,–

from the burning of the noontide heat, and the burden of the day.


2.  O safe and happy shelter, O refuge tried and sweet;

O trysting place where Heaven’s Love and Heaven’s Justice meet!

As Jacob in his wondrous dream had wrestled with the One,

A ladder full of angels going up and coming down.


3.  There lies beneath its shadow but on the further side;

The darkness of man’s ignorance that gapes both deep and wide;

But Light shines forth from Sinai’s peak,  a thunderous voice that speaks 

To multitudes of Israelites and Gentiles in their midst.


4.  Upon that sacred mountain,  my eye at times can see—

though centuries have passed and I was not and could not be —

among the generation that received His Covenant,

All that I need to do is read the Exodus account.


5.  I take Sinai, thy shadow for my abiding place;

I ask for nothing more than that I meet Him face to face,

I’ve journeyed for so long to know the One True God’s true Name,

YHWH is the God I worship, His the Name I claim!


Image from www.mastergreetings.com

Image from www.mastergreetings.com


[Borrowed Music:  “Oh how He loves you and me”/Revised Lyrics]



1.  For all the joys of our days,

For untold blessings always,

This wine we drink symbolizes our joy,

Thank You, dear Father, bless one another,

There’s more than what we can say.



2.  Thank You for bread that we share, 

You’ve shown us how much You care,

Bless our Beloved, they’re gifts from Your Heart,

How can we love You, just as You love us,

Oh,  how God loves you and me!


[Name your Beloved:  parents, siblings, spouse, sons, daughters, extended family, grandchildren]



Image from holisticnutritiondegree.org
Image from www.slideshare.net

Image from www.slideshare.net



[Borrowed Music:  “Lead me to Calvary”/Revised Lyrics]


1.  Lord of my life, please light my way all through the darkness be,

Lest I get lost, can’t find my way, over my life, please be!

Thou art my Shepherd, lead me to pastures of green to feed.

Call out my name that I may hear warnings that I should heed.


CHO:  Lest I forget Thy voice I heard,

lest I remember not Thy word,

Lest I forsake the True Path I’ve tread,

lead me back, LORD, to Thee.


2.  Teach me just like the Israelites, all that I need to be,

Show me just how to sacrifice, show me what pleases Thee.

Best of all that I own and have, unworthy though they be,

Best of my mind and soul and will, all are reserved for Thee.


CHO:  Lest I fall short of Thy command,

lest I let go of Thy precious Hand,

Light up my path, my eyes, my life,

lead me back, Lord, to Thee.


Image from madmimi.com

Image from madmimi.com








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