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Sinai 6000 emerged as a faith community on Tishrei 5772.


The year 2010 in the Gregorian calendar, was marked by a series of “awakenings” about the foundations of Christianity to which most— if not all— of our affiliates were exposed through books and articles, information never before accessed but are now readily available through the internet.


The result in the life of each God-seeker was a major decision each one made to start unlearning, if that was at all possible, his/her previous religious doctrinal orientation and to start learning from the Torah, the foundational Scriptures of Israel.


Crucial to this turnabout is the question: WHO is your God?


The Sinaite’s answer: YHWH.






To learn as much about the One True God as one can from His Original Revelation– the TORAH in the Hebrew Scriptures—and to declare Him to others who are seeking the right path that leads to Him.





We share the same vision of our God YHWH: that the whole world will know Him and worship Him.




Psalm 67

[AST/We have substituted YHWH for ‘God’ in the original text.]

May YHWH favor us and bless us,
May He illuminate His countenance with us, Selah.
To make known Your way on earth,
among all nations Your salvation.
The peoples will acknowledge You—all of them.
Regimes will be glad and sing for joy,
because You will judge the peoples fairly
and guide with fairness the regimes on earth, Selah.
The peoples will acknowledge You, O YHWH;
the peoples will acknowledge You — all of them.
The earth will then have yielded its produce;
May YHWH, our God, bless us.
May YHWH bless us,
and may all the ends of the earth fear Him.

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  1. May 3, 2018


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  2. May 4, 2018

    Hello Lisa,

    Thank you for your interest in contributing articles for publication on our website.
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