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My journey of faith, in a nutshell: born Catholic, became Evangelical Christian in 1980s, studied and taught Messianic Judaism in 2000, and Sinai 6000 on 2nd decade of the 2nd millennium.

A Sinaite’s Musical Liturgy – Sabbath before the Christian celebration of Christmas

[Singing the Sabbath prayers seems to appeal to our website visitors, as evidenced by the statistics on our most popular posts.  Indeed how much more delightful it is to set a Sabbath liturgy to music. So here’s another musical Sabbath to enjoy using traditional Christian hymn music but with revised lyrics in keeping with our […]

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Who is the “Light of the World”?

[First posted in 2012; another timely seasonal clarification as we enter the season of “festival lights” — the answer to the title’s question is  from the Sinaite’s perspective and understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures.—Admin1]     Let us be absolutely clear about what Sinaites believe: First of all, the Light of the World is YHWH. […]

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Letters from an Atheist

[This was first posted in 2013.  The author has since moved to another country and we have lost track of him which is unfortunate because it is always interesting to know if he has changed his stand and belief system since he wrote this piece six years ago. Here is the original Introduction:   Sinaites […]

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Why the Jews?

[First posted in 2012. We’ve often been asked the same question and have answered much in the same way as the author of the book featured here.—Admin1]   ————————–   This is a question asked by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in his book FUTURE TENSE; JEWS, JUDAISM, AND ISRAEL IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, specifically Chapter 4 […]

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Jesus and Horus

[First posted in 2012;  a timely repost in the season of the celebration of the birth of the supposed Jewish Messiah.    Here’s the original Introduction: Jesus we know, but who is “Horus”?     This article is from near;  it  will probably be dismissed as a ‘questionable’ source.  We post it along with all the other articles […]

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