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REVISIT: Israel’s Responsibility from the Book of Exodus

  [Originally posted in 2012.  The author has since passed on to Spiritual Sinai. This article is part of a doctoral dissertation entitled,  Dramatic Ironies and Illusions in the Book of Exodus: A Profile of a Nation’s Identity, Responsibility, and Destiny,  written by Sinaite ELZ@SK6.]   ————————     Responsibility is the state of being accountable, the […]

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REVISIT: What???!!! The God of Israel dictates EVEN WHAT WE SHOULD EAT???

Any inventor/maker/creator of any item that has to function properly and efficiently gives instructions to the user on how to take care of the item.  And let’s say it’s a motor vehicle that uses a particular fuel, the manufacturer specifies ‘this’ and ‘not that’ fuel or it might bog down.  I’ve gassed up my vehicle ignoring […]

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