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Revisited: “Call me Ishmael”

Students of literature will connect this article’s title with the opening line spoken by the narrative-voice in Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. For a short-cut and introduction to this classic work and its fascinating characters with biblical names and implications, here’s a must-read article:    [ Sorry for that diversion, this post is about the Ishmael/Yishmael of Genesis/Bereshith, […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 18: "if they have done according to its cry that has come to me- destruction!"

[We have a post on this chapter as part of the Journey of Faith Abraham series which reflects our Sinaite's interpretation.  This post features our usual commentaries: unbracketted comments are from Pentateuch and Haftorahs, ed. Dr. J.H.Hertz; EF/Everett Fox and RA/Robert Alter, both published translations with commentary with the same title: The Five Books of Moses. Our translation is […]

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Revisited: Journey of Faith: YHWH, Abraham and "3 men"

[Translation:  EF/Everett Fox, The Five Books of Moses; this translation is downloadable from] Christian prooftexts list Genesis 18 among the ‘pre-incarnation’ appearances of Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity who is said to be the active member of the Godhead from OT to NT and is therefore identified as one of the 3 “men” here with […]

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