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Revisit: Leviticus/Wayyiqrah 16 – What? They cast lots for a sacrificial goat and a scapegoat, wasn’t ‘Blood Atonement’ all about a “Sacrificial Lamb”?

[First posted inv2013.  The instructions for the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) are found in this chapter.  For an informative discussion of this most important holiday of the Jewish year, please go to except remember that Jews today observe this commanded feast without a Temple and therefore without the animal sacrificial offerings.     The original […]

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Revisit: Becoming Israel – "God of my father Avraham, God of my father Yitzhak, O YHVH"

 [First posted September 1, 2012.  Here’s the original introduction: “Becoming Israel’ is a series that feature the Sinaite perspective on this chapter.  It features Chapter 32 without intrusive commentary so you can read straight through without having to read through the three commentaries we feature on the post that usually follow this series.  Translation is […]

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Repost: Q&A: “If there are no fallen angels, then explain the ‘Nephilim’ in the narrative account of the Flood.”

[First posted February 20, 2015, reposted August 15, 2015.  Here is the original Introduction:   In December 2014, Sinaites had the privilege of celebrating Shabbat with guests who came all the way from Isabela & Bicol RP, and New Jersey USA.  They were members of a faith community who believe in YHWH as God, who […]

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