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Exodus/Shemoth 4b – "Thus says YHVH: "My son, my firstborn, is Israel!"

[In the previous post on this chapter, we featured commentary from Pentateuch & Haftorahs, ed. Dr. J.H.Hertz as well as Sinaite’s discussion; here, the commentary is from EF/Everett Fox, RA/Robert Alter, whose translations are similarly titled The Five Books of Moses; additional commentary is from REF/Richard Elliott Friedman. When there are more than one commentators featured, there is a […]

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Exodus/Shemoth 6: Who’s Who!

[This was first posted October 2012, commentary is by NSB@S6K.  Translation:  EF Everett Fox, The Five Books of Moses.  The regular commentaries usually featured will be added later; for now we are simply changing the translation from our former choice. .—Admin1.] If you suddenly heard an audible voice speaking to you from out of nowhere (not […]

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Exodus/Shemoth 2 – "A sojourner have I become in a foreign land."

[Translation w/commentary is by EF/Everett Fox, The Five Books of Moses; additional commentary from RA/Robert Alter, and REF/Richard Elliott Friedman.  A reminder about the commentary from  P&H/Pentateuch and Haftorah, ed. Dr. J.H.Hertz; this resource book is as invaluable as the others; however, the commentators often go beyond what is stated in the text, making presumptions and logical conclusions.  It is […]

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