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DISCOURSE: Christian/Sinaite – How differing faith choices affect friendship – 2018

[This is a ‘sequel’ to a ‘prequel’,  please read a previous article originally posted circa  2015, reposted January 2017: Revisit: Discourse/Christian-Sinaite: How differing faith choices affect friendship The background to this current series of exchanges  is  this:   In December 2017,  Sinaite “N”  spent the Christmas holidays with family based in San Francisco, CA, USA;  she  made […]

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"We have heard it said" – A Sinaite’s Apologetics – 4

[First posted in 2012, part of a series where Sinaites tackled point by point, the questions raised by former Christian colleagues who were—as we anticipated/expected—dismayed, flabbergasted, shocked, angry at our declaration that we were leaving Christ-centered religion and in fact, dumping ALL religion, and retracing our way to the direct source of Truth, so that we […]

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