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Letters from an Atheist

[This was first posted in 2013.  The author has since moved to another country and we have lost track of him which is unfortunate because it is always interesting to know if he has changed his stand and belief system since he wrote this piece six years ago. Here is the original Introduction:   Sinaites […]

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DISCOURSE: Christian/Sinaite – How differing faith choices affect friendship – 2018

[This is a ‘sequel’ to a ‘prequel’,  please read a previous article originally posted circa  2015, reposted January 2017: Revisit: Discourse/Christian-Sinaite: How differing faith choices affect friendship The background to this current series of exchanges  is  this:   In December 2017,  Sinaite “N”  spent the Christmas holidays with family based in San Francisco, CA, USA;  she  made […]

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"We have heard it said" – A Sinaite’s Apologetics – 4

[First posted in 2012, part of a series where Sinaites tackled point by point, the questions raised by former Christian colleagues who were—as we anticipated/expected—dismayed, flabbergasted, shocked, angry at our declaration that we were leaving Christ-centered religion and in fact, dumping ALL religion, and retracing our way to the direct source of Truth, so that we […]

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