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[Originally posted in 2012;  facts still relevant in 2019. Write us or leave a comment at the bottom of the page of any post; we will endeavor to answer your query or address your comment or engage you in discourse.—Admin1]


Q:  What does it mean to be a Sinai 6000 “Affiliate?”


A:  Our affiliates are believers who agree with our Statement of Faith or are open to studying with us to learn a different perspective:

  • None are required to be “in community” with Sinaites although all are welcome to join any of the groups who gather together for Torah study.
  • Some are still members of christian fellowships and churches but are interested in studying the Hebrew Scriptures; therefore, they attend bible studies or avail of online exchanges.
  • Some are christian pastors who simply wish to enhance their knowledge and teaching of the Christian “Old” Testament.
  • Our objective is simply to share our resources with others who are genuinely interested in learning other perspectives aside from the only one they have known all their lives.
  • Our core group is based in Baguio City, Philippines; we have opted to remove the names of all affiliates from our website but if there are inquiries about the identity behind initials/authorship of any article, you may inquire at nsbsinai6000@gmail.com.

Q: Where can one go for Torah study?  Contact nsbsinai6000@gmail.com to set up a study, individual, group, online, by Skype/Facetime/Viber, your preference.


Update 2019


Q: Do you do one-on-one teaching?

A: Yes, any one of our core group will make himself/herself available to teach one or more individuals in Baguio City.  Or if you live elsewhere and wish to do it online, it can be arranged.  Same with online-chat/study.

Please contact “Admin1”:  nsbsinai6000@gmail.com, for any such requests.

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