The message of Sinai 6000 is not new . . . it is only new to those who have not paid attention to the consistent message of the Hebrew Scriptures. Christianity claims that message has changed; Judaism claims it has not. Sinai 6000 chose to return and restudy the foundational revelation in the Hebrew Scriptures. After much consternation over its discovery that the message indeed has been consistent from the beginning and had not changed, it had to deal with how and why did that message change into a whole new theology taught in the New Testament Scriptures.


This website represents the views of former Christians, ex-Messianic, who are simply sharing what they have learned, just in case there are others out there like us who have started questioning the very foundations of their faith. It is not an easy place to be; the message is not welcome; we lose friends and hardly influence people. So our tendency is to avoid debates . . . but this forum is a good place to exchange ideas. We encourage visitors to leave comments, positive or negative, agree or not agree.