Statement of Faith

SINAI 6000


A resource center

for seekers after the





Why “SINAI 6000”?


The biblical calendar places us in the year 5778 (2018),

which is in the 6th millenium.

 Mt. Sinai is the site

of representative humanity’s encounter with the


whose nature could previously only be discerned

from HIS visible world.

Sinai is the sanctified mountain

where the CREATOR GOD

revealed his ineffable name



and HIS one-time




defining mankind’s relationship

toward HIM

and toward one another.


The recipients of this revelation were—


and the “mixed multitude”

of Israelites and non-Israelites

who joined the freedom pilgrimage

from Egypt to Mt. Sinai.


The Hebrew Scriptures’

canon of 24 books

open with this unique revelation called


YHWH’s Guidelines for Living.

NEVIIM continue

YHWH’s divine pronouncements

“Thus saith ADONAI. . .”

through the Prophets of Israel.


concludes the canon—

wisdom books, psalms, narratives

and chronicles of the chosen people’s

successes and failures

as YHWH’s

“light to the gentiles”.

The three together form the TNK.


As gentile believers

in the CREATOR,

the GOD of gentile Abraham and Moses the Israelite,

we acknowledge only the

TORAH, the five books attributed to Moses,

as “divinely inspired”.

We believe that the books comprising the

Neviim and Ketuviim

have been written and recorded by men

as part of the chosen nation’s etiology/history,

 depending on its obedience to or disobedience of the TORAH.

We do not consider them as the ‘very words’ of YHWH, 

except those specific words quoted, recorded,

and attributed to Israel’s God, YHWH.

Still, we choose to learn from the people of Israel,

with whom YHWH made

the only Covenant HE ever made with humankind.

We believe the Jews know best

how to read, translate, interpret and teach their Scriptures.

Their Torah scholars, sages through the ages,

have studied and expounded on

YHWH’s utterances regarding Torah life

that Israel was given the mandate

to model to the nations.

But we also recognize, as an ancient rabbi maintains,

that the TORAH as given to Moses, is but

“an unripened fruit of the heavenly tree of wisdom.”

It is only the beginning of our TRUTH quest.


As gentiles drawn to the GOD of Israel,

we are among the “many peoples”

who seek the LORD OF HOSTS,

who take hold of the robe of an Israelite saying,

“We will go with you; for we have heard that GOD is with you.”

[Zechariah 8:23]


And so each gentile who is spiritually awakened,

hears YHWH’s call in his inner sanctum,

only because he is still seeking.

Not content with teachings

of confusing man-made religions

based on confusing man-made scriptural foundations,

he decides to take yet another leap of faith ,

ready to unlearn all previous religious orientation

and theological presuppositions,

to start learning afresh from

YHWH’s original revelation.

Each seeker is invited to join us

who have discovered this ancient pathway,

long travelled by the chosen people

since their first encounter with YHWH

in that sanctuary in time past,

in that sanctuary in the wilderness.


SINAI 6000

is a way of thinking

and a way of life

based on “the Way”,  


applied as much as it is possible

to our times and our culture,

whichever society or ethnic community we belong to.

We do not evangelize

nor try to convince anyone to ‘convert’.

We study, we share as we learn,

we are in continual transition,

for the nature of Divine Truth and the Revelator

requires an open mind and a yearning of the heart

that is always on a quest for more truth

in YHWH’s  inexhaustible book of knowledge.

Sinai 6000

is not a “church” nor a “religion”

but a community of like-minded gentile believers

who make a conscious decision 

best expressed in the words of

a Jewish interfaith proponent

—-Abraham Joshua Heschel—-

“I belong to the community of Abraham [the nations],

and my rabbi is Moses [the Hebrew].”


“Thus saith the LORD:

Stand by the roads, and look,

and ask for the ancient paths,

where the good way is;

and walk in it,

and find rest for your souls.”

[Jeremiah 6:16]


And we responded:

“We will walk in it.”

And so one’s pilgrimage to Sinai begins,

at whatever point in life

. . . for it is never too late, 

as long as the Giver of Life

continues to sustain our life on earth.


Rambam,  last stanza of a poem

“From Thy Hand, Lord, give forth honor”

written in honor of the Pesach festival–


The mountain of His holiness,

His Holy Temple standing on the heights of eternal hills,

That is Sinai,

the glory of God that dwelled upon it, thrills,

Let the nations proclaim His majesty and awe,

the voice of the Red Sea, never-ending,

where His flock saw, all of His wonders, miracles, beauty.

Cleanse yourselves, O ye nations and states,

raise up your son, give glory and honor to [YHWH]!


A Sinaite’s Liturgical Statement of Faith