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[First posted 2017:  Part of a new series; please read the introduction in  — Let us learn from the Jewish Prayer Tradition – 1. Followed by: Let us learn from the Jewish Prayer Tradition – 2   The source book is: GATES OF REPENTANCE The New Union Prayer Book for the Days of Awe  CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF […]

Worship Aids – The Siddur

[First posted in 2012.  Sinaite prayers are patterned after Jewish prayer-traditions.  This is merely a pattern, a model  that you may use for your personal and family prayers;  in time, after you’ve learned from the Jewish prayerful expressions, you can improvise your own prayers that are suited to your personal and family situation, the times that you […]

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AMEN – 6 – Prayers for Peace

[First posted in 2013;   Source:  Must Own: AMEN – Prayers and Blessings from Around the World – 1.  Do we need prayers for peace?  ALL THE TIME! And the human spirit constantly yearns for peace, for peaceful relationships between people, whether it be  married couples, family, friends, enemies, communities, nations!  These are samples of prayer traditions […]

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Where God is Found

[First posted in 2013.  This prayer is featured in the collection A Modern Treasury of Jewish Thoughts: An Inspiring Collection of Writings on Jewish Deed, Doctrine, and Destiny.  This is one of four books donated to our Sinaite 6000 library resources by Dr. “T”, collector of rare books which he buys from estate sales in the USA. The […]

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